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Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, DC

I just found this information on the Oak Hill Cemetery.  It answers some questions and raises others!

OAK HILL CEMETERY, Georgetown, D.C. (North Hill)
Lot 101

JOSEPH HYSSETT / died / July 13, 1849 / aged / about 33 years. / AMY HYSSETT / born / Dec. 4, 1819 / died / Nov. 6, 1893. / HYSSETT. // ANNIE GERTRUDE / born / Aug. 8, 1878 / died / March 2, 1880. / Infant son / born / June 14, 1887 / died June 14, 1887 / both children of / Nicholas and Sarah J. / Eckhardt.
Notes:  Amy Hyssett is, I believe, Amy Padgett, the half sister of my 3rd great grandmother, Mary Ann Tinkler Smith.  They had different fathers, same mother.  Their mother is Hannah Tinnkler, age 54, listed below.  Amy had another sister, Hannah, both being listed in the family Bible pages.  Until now, I had not been able to find any additional information on these two sisters.  So this was a great discovery!  I found her maiden name on FindaGrave, memorial #55104535. Because of Bible records and the fact that she is buried in the same lot as her mother and other family members, I believe this proves the relationship.

MARY I. LANDER / died / Aug. 1, 1897.  I think all the LANDER names should be LAUDER, per Bible records.  FindaGrave also lists this name as LAUDER.
This is Mary Isabela Tilden Vessey Lauder.

  ELIZA LANDER / died / July 31, 1881.  This is Eliza Riggles.

EMMA L. MEANY / 1861-1862. / 
FRANCES Jeanette MEANY / 1858-1870. / Daughter of John Meany and Fraces Lenetta Smith
ANNA SMITH / 1901, aged 2 month [sic].  daughter of Samuel T. Smith and Minnie Riggles Smith

FANNIE MEANY / 1832-1881. / MARY I. MEANY / 1863-1933.
In memory / of / MARY ANN / beloved wife of / T.H. Smith / born / April 21, 1827 / died / Jan. 15, 1887. / She lived not for herself, / but for others. / She hath done what she could.

[cross and crown] / RICHARD RIGGLES / Born at Lincolnshire / England / March 23, 1802 / Died in Washington,
D.C. / Feb. 5th 1880. / Gone but not forgotten. / Also his wife / MARY / Died Dec. 31, 1891 / Aged 81 years.

Removed from an unidentified location, 7 JUN 1859
Vessey, Leonard, age 38    
Vessey, Sarah, age 38 
Vessey, Thomas, age 6 
Tinkler, Samuel, age 48

Tinkler, Hannah, age 54 
Hyssett, Joseph 
Riggles, Jane, age 4

I believe the three Vesseys are a family unit.  Also, Samuel and Hannah Tinkler are husband and wife, parents of Mary Ann Tinkler Smith, wife of Thomas H. Smith, listed at the end of these listings.

Unmarked Burials:
Vessey, Margaret, age 25, bur. 16 DEC 1855
Vessey, John, age 35, bur. 22 MAR 1862 
Riggles, Eliza, age 10y3m, bur. 16 APR 1862
Vessey, Fanny C., age 1y6m23d, bur. 7 AUG 1862 
Vessey, Mary J., age 32, bur. 6 FEB 1863
Riggles, James, age 44, bur. 20 DEC 1863 
Vessey, Mary E., bur. 22 APR 1864
Smith, Elizabeth M., age 62, bur. 30 NOV 1867 
Hamner, Willie, age 10m13d, bur. 25 SEP 1868 
Vessey, Ruth Gertrude, age 1y7m, bur. 4 FEB 1873 
Vessey, Leonard, age 48, bur. 27 MAY 1877 
Lander, John W., age 5m, bur. 21 DEC 1884

Lander, Ethel, age 1m14d, bur. 1 AUG 1889 
Lander, Margaret M., age 7, bur. 7 SEP 1890 
Lander, Edward M., age 1y1m, bur. 2 DEC 1892 Hayward, 
Ruth I., age 25y6m, bur. 28 OCT 1895
Lander, Infant of J.W. and Mary I., stillborn, bur. 8 MAY 1896 
Hayward, Mary Ann, age 62, bur. 7 DEC 1901
Drechsler, Henry, age 45y11m, bur. 20 JUL 1904 
Hayward, John, age 81y11m1d, bur. 11 JAN 1911 
Beall, Infant of John A., stillborn, bur. 2 JUL 1918 
Vessey, John Thomas, age 55, bur. 27 AUG 1918
Smith, Thomas H., age 91, bur. 3 NOV 1926

I am still working on sorting out who is who and who belongs to whom, but it is a wealth of information!  I will update as I learn more.

I am also wondering if the people marked as being relocated in 1959 died in the cholera epidemic of 1848-1849 in Washington, DC.  Still trying to find more information on that.  I have had no luck tracking down information on who died in that epidemic.  Although Bible pages list Samuel and Hannah Tinkler as dying in 1844, I am wonderiing if perhaps there was a mis-reading of some other records.  In the 1850 census, their children are listed together, and Mary Ann is listed as age 21.  Somehow the children managed to stay together.  Amy Hyssett is also listed in two census records as living with Mary Ann, further strengthening my belief that they are family.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Arlynn Reed Haight 1902 - 1929

This is kind of a sad post, but appropriate for this time of year.  Below are two letters from my great grandmother (Ida May Smith Haight)  to my grandmother (Esther May Haight Krause).  My great grandmother is spending all her time at the hospital with her son Arlynn who has been ill with pneumonia.  In the second letter, she is very optimistic about being able to take him home in another week, just in time for Christmas.  However, he died 10 days after the second letter was written.  It is heartbreaking to read, knowing from this side what is coming in the days ahead.

One other note:  Ida suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrahage just 3 months later.

727 Gladstone Ave, Richmond, VA
Dec 6 – 1929

Dear Esther,
                I told you I would write after the operation, but there has been none as Arlynn has developed pneumonia and has been quite sick for several days.
He was suffering so last night that Dr. Sweeney had him put in a private room and had a night nurse.  I have been here today to keep track of him.
Dr. Ashton was in here a few minutes ago and said his condition was better than it was yesterday.  He looks brighter to me also.
Dr. Sweeney says the congestion is in the lower lobe of the left lung and really is not as serious as it would be higher up.  I am more than thankful for two things – one that they did not operate and also that he was in the hospital because I really believe they can do more with him here than we could have done at home.
It has turned much warmer again for which I am truly thankful.
Lucy is working every day and seems delighted with her work.  She is not in the store proper, but is in the warehouse around on 7th St.  She has to look up misdirected and other articles that have not been sent out correctly.
For some reason the lady in charge of this department took a fancy to her and asked for her to help them.
Arlynn’s being sick has knocked out all Christmas from my bones, or rather I know I won’t get a fruit cake made but then if we can all have our health and strength I will be thankful for that and it will be as much Christmas as I want.
I will keep you posted and sincerely hope I will have better news to report next time.
Love to all –


727 Gladstone Ave – Richmond – VA
Dec 14 – 1929

Dear Esther,
                I thought to have written sooner than this.  I bring the stockings over here with me every day and it looks like I just get through with them when it is time to go home again.  Of course I wait on Arlynn quite a bit when he needs it.
                The fruit cake came yesterday, my but it smells good and it was lovely of you to make me one.
                I haven’t done one think about Christmas except to buy a few cards.  I go out for a walk every day about three oclock and in that way have bought cards, also Xmas tree ornaments for Amy and that is as far as I have gotten.
                The girls have been right busy that is except Effie, she has been spending all her spare time at the Hospital.  She’ll be sick the first thin she knows but I don’t know what else she can (do)
                Arlynn is improving right along and I hope we can get him home in another week’s time anyway.  He is getting quite restless w about staying here but he is improving right along.
One think I don’t like, he is nauseated so much and loses so many meals in that way, but he is improving even with that.
He was very ill for a few days so we have a whole lot to be thankful for.
Wonder if your weather is as changeable as ours is now, today is like a spring day, don’t know whether it is a weather burden or not.
Am just writing notes these days but am sorry I did not write sooner in the week.
Effie said the children hadn’t written their letters but Santa has been busy anyway.  Mr. Ross is holding his own, I go up to see him every day.
More anon –

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

More Church Records

This is a followup to Sunday's post.

Thomas Henry Smith (1835 - 1926) and Mary Ann Tinkler (1827 - 1887) were married in the Union Episcopal Methodist Church in Washington, DC.  I guessed that this was Mary Ann's church, as I had other records showing Thomas as a member of Calvary Baptist Church, along with their two children, Ida May (1867 - 1930) and Samuel Thomas (1869 - 1962) and both their spouses.

I had been searching for records from Union ME Church without luck until Sunday afternoon AFTER I made my Sunday post here!

I found christening records for Ida May and Samuel, along with christening records for Samuel's wife, Minnie Riggles (1869 - 1938).  It appears that these three were christened in the Union ME Church and later were baptized in and joined Calvary Baptist Church.

Name                         Ida May Smith
Gender                       Female
Christening Date       27 Sep 1867
Christening Place      District of Columbia
Birth Date                 30 Mar 1867
Father's Name           Thomas H. Smith
Mother's Name          Mary

Name                         Samuel Thomas Smith
Gender                       Male
Christening Date       21 Sep 1869
Christening Place      District of Columbia
Birth Date                 27 Mar 1869
Father's Name           Thomas H. Smith
Mother's Name          Mary Ann

Name                         Minnie Riggles
Gender                       Female
Christening Date       21 Sep 1869
Christening Place      District of Columbia
Birth Date                 23 Mar 1869
Father's Name           Thomas Riggles
Mother's Name          Annie M.

Notice that Samuel and Minnie were christened on the same day!  How cool is that?

"District of Columbia Births and Christenings, 1830-1855", database, FamilySearch ( December 2014)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Church records

Thomas Henry Smith and his family were members of Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, DC.  I was able to connect via email with Paul Rosstead who was very helpful in finding and sending me copies of membership cards for several of the family members.  It appears that Mary Ann Tinkler Smith may not have joined the church and perhaps instead chose to retain her membership with the church she attended before her marriage.  Records indicate that she and Thomas were married at the Union Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington, DC.  I have not found any contact information for that church as of yet, but will continue to search.

I have been unable to figure out how to insert a pdf here, so I will just list the information from each of the cards instead.

Membership Card
In No.   479
Out No.   4469
Name    Smith, Thomas H.
How Received     Letter
Name of Church received from Date of Baptism
Date of Action    3/29/1866
How Lost    Death
Name of Church Dismissed to
Date    11/1/26

Membership Card
In No.   480
Out No.   197
Name    Smith, Ida M.    now Mrs. Ida M. Haight
How Received     Baptism
Name of Church received from Date of Baptism
Date of Action    2/18/1883
How Lost    Letter
Name of Church Dismissed to    Harrisonburg, Va.
Date   5/3/89

Membership Card
In No.   239
Out No.   211
Name    Haight, Willard R.
How Received     Letter
Name of Church received from Date of Baptism   North Bapt. City
Date of Action    5/2/1884
How Lost    Letter
Name of Church Dismissed to    Freemason St., Norfolk, Va.
Date   8/11/87

Membership Card
In No.   480
Out No.   197
Name    Haight, Mrs. Ida M.  nee Ida M. Smith
How Received     Baptism
Name of Church received from Date of Baptism
Date of Action    2/18/1883
How Lost    Letter
Name of Church Dismissed to   Harrisonburg, Va.
Date   5/30/1889

Membership Card
In No.   996
Out No.   2809
Name    Smith, Samuel T.
How Received     Baptism
Name of Church received from Date of Baptism
Date of Action    11/11/1888
How Lost    Erasure
Name of Church Dismissed to    Whereabouts unknown
Date   2/1/17

Membership Card
In No.   2187
Out No.   5937
Name    Smith, Mrs. Samuel T. (Minnie)
How Received     Baptism
Name of Church received from Date of Baptism    10/25/1896
Date of Action    10/15/1896
How Lost    Letter
Name of Church Dismissed to   Presbyterian, Takoma Park, MD
Date   12/23/37

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thomas Henry Smith

A conversation with my cousin yesterday prompted me to write a post about my second great grandfather on my mother's side.

Thomas was born October 14, 1835 in Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka.  His father, who he was named after, was in the army and died there while serving.  Unfortunately, military records are scarce for that time and location.  A brother and sister, also born in Ceylon also died there.  Once her husband died, Elizabeth Butcher Tinkler, Thomas's mother, returned to England with her three remaining children, Mary Isabella, Francis Lenetta and Thomas Henry.

Family lore has it that relatives "kidnapped" Thomas and took him to Ireland to raise while Elizabeth and the two girls came to America, settling in New York.  Thomas ran away from his relatives and stowed away on a ship to join his mother and sisters in New York.

To earn money, he had a fish cart that he pushed through the streets, selling fresh fish.  He was known as "Catfish Tom".  Some time ago I saw a television show on how the Irish were forcably conscripted into the Army during the Civil war.  I am sure Thomas was one of these, although I have yet to find concrete proof.  He does have a quite common name, which makes researching him that much more difficult.  He served in the Army as a cook, being stationed in Washington, DC.  Subsequent census records list his occupation as "huckster" or "market huckster", showing that he continued selling foodstuffs from a cart.

June 20, 1865 he married Mary Ann Tinkler and they had two children, Ida May Smith, my great-grandmother, and Samuel Thomas Smith.  Ida went on to marry Willard Reed Haight, and they had eight children, including Esther May Haight, my maternal grandmother.

Thomas spent his last years at the John Dickson Home in Washington, DC, dying November 3, 1926 at the age of 91.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Minnie Belle Haight, Teacher

Today I'm sharing a photo of Mims and her class of students from 1913, followed by a letter that her father, Willard, wrote to her in 1914.